Your switchgear and Distribution Equipment is right at the heart of your business. Without it, you'll lose the power to do business. A proactive approach to maintenance is the best and most cost effective method for mitigating against unplanned emergency call outs and avoiding the uncertainty and risk of not being able to procure services when you're really up against it.

GK Switchgear offers the economies and peace of mind which are the benefits of a systematic and planned maintenance regime. Tailored to meet the needs of your business, typical contract terms range from one to five years for all of your electrical and control equipment and systems. Regular inspections coupled with planned overhauls and detailed reporting are also valuable support tools for any potential insurance claims should things go wrong.

GK Switchgear provides a wide range of installation services, from system design and CAD drawings to inspection, testing and certification. Our work embraces all types of electrical equipment including transformers, panel boards, switch boards, Busbars, trunking and wiring. Carried out by experienced, fully trained and qualified electricians and technicians to meet HSE Standards, all installation work by GK Switchgear is compliant with current electrical and building regulations, including BS 7671-2008 17th Edition Wiring standards. Our ongoing commitment to training and working with standards-making bodies in your guarantee of the safety and reliability of our installation work.

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